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The creator of StackedSkincare, Kerry is a thought leader on how product-based small businesses can start and stay self-funded. She’s on a mission to share with entrepreneurs a better way to create a profitable product-based business that practically runs itself.

Kerry didn’t have unlimited funds, a fancy business degree, or even a mentor when she started. What she did have was an operations mindset for smart and efficient decisions from idea to production and warehouse to consumer.

An inspiring and highly quotable interview and guest, Kerry Benjamin offers easy-to-understand proven formulas for success that entrepreneurs can implement immediately. With highly relatable personal stories of triumph overcoming challenges, Kerry reveals the not-so-obvious secrets for small businesses to start and stay self-funded.

Interview Kerry About:

How to Start & Stay Self-funded
The Keep Your Company Method™
Small Product-based Business Myths and Misconceptions
Why You Should Never Over Invest in Tech
Amazon vs. Retail: Which Should You Choose
How to Stay Connected to Customers as You Grow
How the Wrong Distributor Can Destroy Your Brand
Defending your Brand with Trademarks and Trademarks
How to Avoid Costly Lawsuits

Official Bio:

Award-winning esthetician and Founder of StackedSkincare, a high-performance skincare line of pro-grade serums, peels, and tools, Kerry Benjamin is a respected thought leader in product-based small business operations and on how to start and stay self-funded. In just 3 years, Kerry went from working out of her home to single handedly creating an entire line of skincare products and tools that disrupted the skincare industry, became cult and celebrity favorites, and consistently won awards including the Breakthrough Beauty O-ward Winner and the Oprah Daily Winner. Kerry is on a mission to teach product-based small business owners everything they need to know to create a profitable cash flow business that practically runs itself so you can live a lifestyle you love. Her advice for product-based small businesses as well as her brand StackedSkincare are regularly featured in the media worldwide.

Kerry Loves to Chat with the Media:

For all press and podcast inquiries, contact Kerry’s team at: hello@kerrybenjamin.com

To book Kerry to speak, contact: hello@kerrybenjamin.com

To contact Kerry about her forthcoming book The Keep Your Company Method™, email: hello@kerrybenjamin.com