How to Start and Stay Self-funded Even in Tough Times

By Kerry Benjamin

What Every Smart Small Business Owner Needs to Know Before Getting a Loan, Investor, or Second Mortgage

From Idea to Production and Warehouse to Consumer – Learn a Proven Formula for Success with Real-life Examples for Product-based Businesses


Kerry has incredible knowledge when it comes to branding, finance, and content strategy. She took the time to walk me through some basics over the phone that at first seemed overwhelming, but she broke it down into simple steps. Having access to Kerry’s insight helped my start up business tremendously and I would recommend her to anyone starting a business.”

– Carol Carimi Acutt


Kerry and I have had the opportunity to work on several projects together. Her expertise and knowledge helped me launch my ecommerce store. She is a team player, an incredibly creative thinker, and thinks outside the box, which makes her an amazing entrepreneur. Anyone who works with her is lucky to do so.”

– Laura Klein


“Kerry is an amazing mentor with a wealth of knowledge. She gave me many practical tips and things to think about as I move closer to my business launch. She shares her experience on everything from packaging to business insurance to content creation. I love hearing how she made her business successful and the lessons she learned along the way. Her insights have been invaluable to me as a first-time beauty entrepreneur.”

– Staci Morris

Before you even think about borrowing money for a product-based business – read Kerry’s book first!

Perfect for product-based startups and established companies looking to scale – this honest, practical, and easy-to-understand how-to-guide is filled with current real-life examples and solutions to your toughest problems, transformational insights, cautionary tales and transformative processes to increase both profitability in your business and your freedom in your personal life.

Forget hindsight.

You need 20/20 vision now to anticipate and avoid potential operational problems and pitfalls as a product-based small business owner.

With a principle-centered approach to eliminate future problems before they happen, Kerry offers readers a step-by-step pathway to succeed in business. Effective and actionable solutions offer fast results. The information in this book is indispensable for every product-based entrepreneur – whether they are just starting up or are an established business.

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A Widget Is a Widget

The information you learn in this book works for any product. By the end of The KEEP YOUR COMPANY Method™ you’ll learn proven formulas to build a streamlined business that practically runs itself. This book fills a gap and reveals the elusive “how to” of operations upfront so all your operations can be set up correctly from the get-go and avoid expensive fixes in the future.

You’ll Learn:

  • The 7 Laws of The Keep Your Company Method™

  • The Huge Advantages of Understanding Operations Upfront

  • How to Prequalify Your Product

  • Where to Spend and Where to Save Your Money

  • Take Control of Margins and Profitability

  • How to Select Software to Create a Business that Practically Runs Itself